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The History Of Farrow
Integrity-centered foundation with the highest level of service and the accountability to be a leader in the construction industry. Setting examples of what construction and development can and should be. Farrow believes in lasting partnerships, good old-fashioned relationships and top-notch quality across all levels.

Farrow Company History

Building on Integrity and Innovation

Farrow was founded in 1990 by John Farrow. John was born in San Francisco, raised in Marin County, and now lives in Destin, FL, with his wife, JK Farrow, and his three children.
John entered the construction industry as a teenager in need of a job and found one working for a local developer, digging ditches, crawling under houses to remove debris, and handling other hard-labor related projects. His hands-on work experience grew from there and at that point, John knew he found his calling. He formed his own construction company a few years later. The company started with small remodeling and refurbishing projects and, through existing relationships and word-of-mouth references (the best kind!), the business grew exponentially.

A vision to set an example of integrity and innovation while becoming a leader in the construction industry became a reality. 

A small decision changed the path for John and the company. Wyndham Resorts & Hotels was remodeling a local resort and when the project ran long and their contractor moved on, there was a small but crucial task to be completed. The resort’s waste and recycling receptacle enclosure needed to be built, a project considered “too small” for the other contractor. Wyndham was referred to Farrow, who agreed to build this small but all-important enclosure quickly and efficiently. Wyndham was so pleased with the results, they asked John to step in on other construction projects locally and across the United States.Farrow was soon applying for and receiving state licenses in order to work nationally while serving the hotel, resort, and hospitality industries as experts in new ground up residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality construction, refurbishment, remodeling, and ADA Compliance. The business was thriving and John expanded the company to work internationally while also founding Farrow Development Group to manage investment opportunities on Farrow projects. Adding developer to John’s many roles enabled him to invest in construction projects, uniquely positioning Farrow as4. the builder and a partner/stakeholder in long-term endeavors.

Farrow has also expanded its construction services to provide for all major industries. Farrow’s wide range of construction experience over the last 30 years, we have developed the skills to take on a variety of commercial, residential, industrial, and hospitality projects. Ranging from multi-million dollar hotel builds to community restroom renovations, Farrow has demonstrated an ability to provide a tailored approach to each of our unique clients. 

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