Our Farrow Team

Meet our talented, skilled and friendly team! These are people who are the foundation of our construction services projects. Together we bring you the highest level of service with integrity and innovation and the center all our projects. We are here to get the job done for you. 

farrow construction team

John Farrow
President and CEO

John is a highly respected contractor, businessman, and most importantly, dad, with a lifetime of construction experience. After founding Farrow over 30 years ago, he successfully led his qualified team through recessions, natural disasters, and new ventures. He drove Farrow’s expansion across the United States, and continues to form new divisions and partnerships

farrow construction team

Sheri Cromley
VP of Corporate Operations

Sheri assigns responsibilities, develops functional roles, and directs the day-to-day operations to assist John Farrow in seeing his vision realized around the nation. Sheri was the company’s first employee and has participated in Farrow’s growth from a small, regional company to a nationwide brand in the construction field

Montana Farrow
Director of Construction Development, Florida

Montana is a business-minded partner with experience in a variety of industries, including biotech recruiting, economic development, sales, and hospitality. She uses her robust knowledge to launch operations for new divisions, hire employees, and acts as a project manager for Farrow’s Florida based projects.

CJ Rico
Senior Asset Manager / Director of Development

With a background in Macro Economics and an MBA in International Business, CJ understands the monetary cycle and the importance of supply and demand along with organizational operations. CJ has extensive experience with residential and commercial real estate, representing regional and national tenants to developers of all sizes.

Lynn Milano
CFO / Controller

Lynn has great passion for finance and a thorough understanding of strict accounting protocols. With her vast knowledge in engineering and through operating her own business, Lynn is a treasure of hands-on experience to ensure Farrow’s group of companies’ finances are always maintained and kept in proper order.

Jodi Caudle
Business Development

Jodi, in collaboration with Dede, manages business and government relationships for Farrow’s Florida operations. Through her extensive connections and familiarity with real estate and Florida’s Gulf Coast, she is a valuable ally who assists Farrow with potential projects and clients across the region. Jodi also acts as a co-project manager for Farrow’s Florida based projects, and connects the team to potential vendors and subcontractors as well.

farrow construction team

TJ Griggs
Marketing & Public Relations

TJ has several years of marketing experience across various industries including construction, architecture, produce distribution, and non-profits. His duties within Farrow include design of marketing materials and campaigns, as well as launching and managing new communication methods and social media accounts.

Lacey Adams
Architectural Designer

With several years of experience in Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability, Planning, Project management & Construction Administration, Lacey enjoys transforming clients’ visions into a reality from simple sketches to Design Development and 3D Renderings. Lacey is a wife | mom of 2 and values the work | life balance with Lifestyle Designs and time management. Learn more about Lacy at wwwalspg.com

DeDe Hinote
Business Development

Dede, in collaboration with Jodi, is responsible for business development for Farrow’s Florida operations. Dede’s roles include managing government relations, overseeing vendors/subcontractors, grant writing, and project management. Through Dede’s previous experience in construction and local government, she is well equipped to manage important construction projects and partnerships.