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Hotel & Hospitality Construction Trends In Florida

Our hotel and hospitality construction teams are dedicated to staying current in modern hotel and hospitality industry trends of Florida. We specialize in guiding you through the process and keeping you knowledgeable about current hotel and hospitality trends. We have completed an array of full construction, remodels, additions, and renovation projects in the hotel and hospitality sector of Florida. 

Travel Is On The Rise - Hotel Bookings Skyrocket

The hotel construction industry is poised to experience strong growth over the next five years with a greater demand for accommodation services. Resulting in increased expansion efforts for hotel construction and renovation. Additionally, domestic travel within the United States is expected to accelerate. These factors are expected to support new trends in design and technology standards for the hotel and hospitality industry. How consumers travel and the experiences they want post pandemic restrictions has set the stage for many changes in the hotel and hospitality construction industry. There are new areas of strong interest in safety, health, and eco-friendly trends that are pushing to the top of the hotel and hospitality construction industry.

Hotel Construction Design

The top trends in the hotel industry today are being determined by a massive shift in consumer preferences. These shifting tastes are impacting the top hotels and their interior design, building materials, furniture, artwork, lobbies and more. Significantly, personalized consumer experience and Eco-Friendly designs are the top trending hotel and hospitality focuses now. Altogether, engaged consumer experiences simultaneously with personalized treatment and echo-friendly technologies are trends that are going to stay!

Hotel & Hospitality Technology

Smart Room Technology has been an emerging trend in hotel and hospitality construction and remodels for a while and continues to grow. The new generations are expecting smart rooms. Where they can control the room temperature, lighting and even entertainment through a mobile device or by voice. Many of today’s top hotel corporations (like Hilton) are already working hard to implement smart rooms. Accordingly, this would also involve using mobile door keys for added security. Interaction through a mobile device will also define the experience of the future. Messaging staff through a smartphone is convenient for the guest and can offer another way to free up the phones for the front desk staff, saving time and money for the hotel. 

Hotel Standards Moving Forward

New hotel and hospitality construction projects and development planning that was previously on hold are now getting the green light with confidence thanks to a rather robust boost in domestic leisure and business travel during the first part of the year. What we want from travel post pandemic restrictions is setting a new standard. With focus on safety, health and accessibility. Developers are eager to move forward with plans and break ground as this upward trend in hotel and hospitality standards evolves.

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