Building Custom Homes In Florida

Growing Communities In Destin Florida

Communities are growing in Northern Florida and building custom homes in Destin Florida is a popular choice. Building a custom luxury home that captures your lifestyle and dreams with a vision for the future, is an exciting undertaking, we make your journey to your new home enjoyable from start to finish.  We balance the big-picture thinking and provide you with and experience you can rely on and trust!

Our team at Farrow Inc. Construction will work with you every step of the way to help guide you, while also getting you to the finish line with your wish list complete and the project finished on-time and on-budget.

Farrow Inc. Construction for residential homes is committed to making the building or remodeling experience a collaborative and enjoyable process for clients, architects, and interior designers alike.

We help you collaborate with an architect or designer to create a plan for a home build designing the size and layout of the rooms and selecting everything that goes into the home, from the flooring to the fixtures.  The construction quality and the choices you make in technology, features add luxury to your custom home. We offer a variety of options to meet all your needs.

Where to build custom luxury homes in Northen Florida?

Destin, Florida has become one of the best real estate locations for building new custom homes in Northern Florida. Our luxury home building team specialize in finding you the perfect location for your custom home build in Destin, Florida. If you are looking for somewhere in the surrounding areas of Destin, Florida to build your home Farrow Inc. contracting team can help you find the perfect place in Northern Florida to build your home. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation. 

Pool Remodel in a luxury home in Destin Florida by Farrow Contracting, Inc.

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